Helps in building of Muscles & Weight Loss

Pre-workout supplements for workout sessions

Pre workout supplements are stimulants often formulated from herbal and other compounds that are taken before a work out session to give the body a boost of energy. Strenuous and intense work outs drain the body of most of its energy. Besides keeping energy levels in check, these supplements assist in maintaining maximum concentration during the workout, increase muscle strength and keep fatigue at bay.

These supplements are primarily intended for athletes such as bodybuilders that undergo regular tough workout programs that expose them to physical and mental energy exhaustion. However, anyone else undertaking normal work outs can also use them.

Main ingredients

Pre workout supplement

The main components of the pre workout supplements vary from one brand to the other. One is at liberty to choose the specific type of ingredients needed based on the goals expected at the end of the workout schedule.

How these supplements work is dependent on the main ingredients they are made of with the primary function being energy boost, increased circulation, increased concentration and muscle build up among others.

These ingredients and their general benefits are:


This is an effective ingredient that stimulates the nervous system thereby improving concentration, focus and minimizes fatigue. It basically caters for the endurance seen in most power athletes that makes them stay on course with strenuous training.


This puffs up muscles with sufficient water to give them the energy pump necessary for the workout. It minimizes dehydration of tissues and dilates blood vessels during the intense muscle activity.


This is a vital fat component that serves as blood sugar reserves. Just like creatine, this ingredient hydrates the muscles and dilates blood vessels during intense training thereby contributing to endurance and lack of fatigue.

Amino acids

There is a variety of amino acids formulated into these supplements. One is Arginine which is metabolized into Nitric Oxide, a compound vital for vascularity and increasing muscle pump necessary to keep up with the workout.

There is also beta-Alanine which is metabolized into carnosine, a compound that improves muscle regeneration, increase muscle strength and keeps fatigue at bay.

More about qualities of the best protein shakes

Everyone who has ever been to a gym or a diet supplement store knows that every single fitness guru seems to have a different opinion on what the protein shakes happen to be. Some believe that the best shakes are the ones that are whey based, while others insist that the they can generally double as vitamin supplements. Still more will tell you that the best shakes will be custom-tailored to your particular body’s needs.

protein shake

The first thing that you should expect from any protein shake is that you should be able to feel great after a workout once you drink it. Protein shakes are known for being excellent post-workout snacks, and they are exceptionally good for muscle recovery drinks. Protein also can offer a workout enthusiast a nice boost of energy. A good protein shake will give you energy without the crash that is common with energy drinks, soda, and sugary carbohydrates.

The protein shakes will also have the nutrients that you need when you start a workout program. Most people agree that you need a minimum amount of protein (at least 20 grams) to really improve your general physique, and that this varies from person to person depending on your weight. You may also want to look for other vitamins and nutrients that are more in line with your fitness goals. For example, people who want to lose weight may want to look for a protein shake that has supplements that promote fat burning and weight loss, as well as vitamins like chromium. Women and men who are looking to improve their general health should consider buying protein shakes that are stocked with a larger variety of vitamins.

Of course, no matter what you are looking for when it comes to the shake’s effects on your body, flavor will always be an issue. The best protein shakes are all going to be great tasting, simply because no one will want to have to choke down a shake that tastes awful. So, be sure to check out the reviews to determine which ones are great tasting!

Generally speaking, the greatest protein shakes will be the ones that deliver a great nutrition punch, offer you the energy that you need when you need it, and also taste delicious. Be sure to check out the list below for information on the best protein shakes!

Health Benefits for Men

Today, many bodybuilders and dieters prefer to take in more amounts of protein in one or several forms. At the grocery stores, there are quite a number of different high-protein oatmeal and protein-enriched cereals.  Many bodybuilders and dieters agree that the solid food is the best source of protein yet when they do not have enough time for preparing their meals where protein should be taken from; they opt for protein shakes.

Due to the following health benefits of protein shakes they have become popular among busy bodybuilders and dieters of today.

Gain muscle

For males who are trying to gain muscle, protein is essential for the growth of muscles. When the body lacks sufficient amounts of protein, it is not possible for the body to gain new muscles. Gaining muscles is one of the health benefits of protein shakes that primarily make it a hit among men and women.

Lose fat

If the individual’s diet does not regularly contain foods rich in protein, they can always enjoy the health benefits by drinking protein shakes occasionally. Protein shakes when taken as a meal replacement occasionally helps an individual lose more fat and weight compared to observing a less-calorie diet. This is because high-quality proteins give a more satiating feeling than either fats or carbohydrates.

Improve metabolism

Other health benefits of protein shakes include improving the metabolism of the individual’s body. According to a study present in the “Nutrition & Metabolism” journal in 2008, obese men and women who drank 2 protein shakes as meal replacements daily along with a less-calorie diet, lost more amounts of fat. Take for instance whey protein shakes for men, the high protein it contains makes it very filling as a snack while less calorie content helps control the individual’s calorie consumption; thus resulting in a speedy weight loss. However, for those who followed the diet without the shakes, they lost less amounts of fat and more amounts of lean muscle.

Provide nutritional benefits

The health benefits of protein shakes primarily come from the ingredients they contain such as natural proteins, vegetables and fruits that deliver essential minerals and vitamins without affecting taste. Proteins found in food and shakes are considered as a vital nutrient, performing tasks needed in order for the body to function daily. Proteins not only build but also repair cartilage, muscles, bones, blood and skin.

Accelerate recovery

Health benefits of protein shakes go as far as accelerating recovery. After working out, energy levels should be recharged, and muscle soreness should be reduced, and protein shakes help speed up the process of recovery, so the body is again ready for the next workout.

Health Benefits For Women

There are many different kinds of options available with the help of which one can easily stay fit and healthy. One such option with the help of which one can stay fit is protein shakes. Protein shakes refer to a form of protein powder which is combined with a liquid. Normally, the protein shakes are recommended to be consumed after a workout or replacing a meal of the day. Normally, the protein shakes are consumed by body builders and athletes, but now it is being consumed by everyone and also best protein shakes for women are available. Some of the benefits of consuming the best protein shakes are:

It helps in controlling weight

When a protein shake is used as a replacement of meal, it helps in controlling of body weight. Protein shakes helps in cutting of excess fat and also controls the calorie intake. Controlling of diet and food is difficult for many people, so consumption of the protein shakes would help in controlling consumption of fats, protein and carbohydrates in the body and makes it easier for one to lose weight and also control it. Also the best protein shakes for women helps a woman in keeping fit and in shape.

Helps in building of muscles

Consumption of the protein shakes is great when one is planning to build their body and muscles. When one exercises, the muscles get torn which are important to be re build and developed. This can be easily and effectively done with the help of consuming protein shakes. The protein shake helps in effective building and developing of the torn out muscles of the body. Moreover, consumption of protein shake helps in increasing the blood flow and makes the blood stream faster.

Increased nutrient intake

The protein shakes help in increasing the nutrient presence in the body. In other words, one of the best advantages of consuming the best protein shakes for women is that it helps in increasing the level of nutrients in the body. In a protein shake, different kinds of ingredients are present such as aloe Vera gel, natural peanut butter, flaxseed oil, frozen berries and much more which helps in increasing the nutrient in the body.

How Weight Gainers Work

The idea of gaining weight being a problem may seem very alien to some Australians – this nation has a problem with obesity after all! But for the purposes of bodybuilding and peak athletic performance, gaining the right kind of weight can be hard. Top athletes do not want to add fat, but they do want to add lean muscle mass and most of all retain it. It is a balancing act and any aspiring athlete needs to know how to balance the desire to add weight with the demands of peak athletic performance.

weight gain supplements

How is weight gained by the body?

There is a fairly simple ‘formula’ for gaining muscular weight. The amount of kilojoules taken in by the body must exceed the amount being ‘burnt’ off by exercise. The key however is that not just any food will do. For example:

Foods high in simple sugars can cause an insulin ‘spike’ which will help retain fat

Any weight gain diet must be high in carbohydrates which assist with protein absorption

Many top level athletes find they simply can not eat enough meals to keep apace of the prodigious amount of kilojoules they are losing to exercise

For these people weight gain supplements help make up the deficit

A good weight gain supplement will have abundant sources of natural protein such as that which is derived from eggs and sources such as whey protein

It will also need to be low in fat

Some weight gainers will also have a selection of amino acids that help with protein absorption, muscle recovery, waste elimination and fat metabolisation

Fat can help if it is ‘good’ fat

‘Good’ fats can help by delivering extra kilo joules and things like Omega 3 which assists with brain function

For many athletes who require a combination of muscular bulk and explosive power, it is all too easy to lose muscular mass because the exertion required for their sport uses up so many kilojoules of energy. For these sorts of athletes or body builders, weight gain supplements allow them to add kilojoules to their diet without the problem of trying to cram more meals in.

Why use weight gain supplements?

Some aspiring body builders are what is often termed ‘hard gainers’ namely they have a physical type that doesn’t add muscular weight easily. For these sorts of people in order to add weight they need an edge. Many athletes in sports that require a combination of muscular bulk and cardio vascular fitness, weight gain supplements are essential for retaining their muscle mass. And of course serious body builders are always looking for anything that helps add mass and a meal based approach on its own will not deliver the kilo joule intake required. Top weight gain supplements have been specially formulated to combine first class proteins and other essential nutrients to maximize the body’s ability to add weight in conjunction with a balanced diet and exercise routine.

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